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I am no longer listing my number publicly for initial contact, it has been abused, I am sorry.
Advance booking via Email is my gold standard.

IT MAY ENSURE YOUR COMFORT LEVEL to know I am glowingly reviewed on TER and here my ID: 327020 and to check Preferred411 which is very helpful for mutual screening of integrity and compatibility, and my P411 vetted member id # p271886

I am a stickler about 5-Star Luxury Hotels or there where the accommodation is to ensure soberness to both sides, that together with the ambiance and an absolutely comfy bed will create the perfect setting to pamper you with my “ArtOfMassage”.

Please drop me a super-nice line, providing info about our approximate appointment (location/day/time) and about your person that I request both fully and honestly, to the best of your ability. A comprehensive request to keep you company, received with reasonable notice, will get most of my attention and I will always reply to it, whether I am available or not.

The obvious social stigma around sex workers is always lying on wait and as I find troublesome to randomly answer the phone, discussions about services and payments will not be entertained. A word of thanks to the considerate gem of gentleman who is Ok with using email to get our thoughts communicated first, and then using a scheduled call when we will both have a higher bandwidth conversation, with a strong emphasis on discretion.

I strongly encourage you to plan out your time with me carefully beforehand as this will ensure your booking. And acknowledging that an ecstatic experience can be very hard to manage under the added pressure of tight plans, you will provide me with the sense of comfort that I need in order to fully focus my attentions on our forthcoming date, and on You! This would not be an issue for genuine gentlemen. The rest of you can keep cruising the internet on the spur of the moment.

MAY I SUGGEST YOU verify as well if we are a match. I tend to be more accessible via email, so please get in touch via email. But before finally making arrangements you will be invited to call direct ! From what I hear, it’s all about the hype most of the time, a classic bait and switch routine and no good command on English to have a nice chat, share your thoughts and urges. All expectations that a cultivated elite company like me needs to attain.

I am full of positive vibes and curves. Enough to keep you satiated for many hours!
Rates vary by location, time and packages. Please inquire. 

Let me leave you with this quote

Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly — Mae West

Be informed,

I am an elite ASP

and I do NOT engage in

bodywork (non-erotic) sessions
of any kind.

Please refer to the hotel’s concierge
for basic body rub!

deep conversation

PLEASE NOTE  If for any reason you are not willing to go through the Email button, you are kindly asked to get in touch via my Email address

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